Our Other Brands

Our Personal Care ranges include soaps, organic hand washes, organic hand sanitizer, organic bodywashes, shampoos & conditioners.  Also organic deodorant, suncreams and essential oils.....we have included a summary below and the links to each brands' website on the Links page.


Savon du Midi          

sa logo    ...natural flower petal exfoliating soaps and shea butter soaps from France ...      

      savon group   sa olive oil lav oval soap    Savon guest soaps 4 pack 


Dr Rose Bath Salts and Ecobath salts ... epsom salts and soaks to pamper your body ...

                  ecobath salt range


Natural Grooming...for men... with vegan ingredients and recyclable packaging for minimal environmental impact...

ng shave cream

    OG After Shave     ng deo       OG Sport Deo        ng cologne                       


Skin Blossom...award winning organic skin care and effective organic hair care, without the high price tag ...all UK Soil Association certified and vegan products registered.......

    SKIN BLOSSOM MAIN             Skin Blossom Smaller Group July 2015  

redecker logo

Bürstenhaus Redecker is one of the last producers of hand-crafted brushes in Germany.  Redecker has been making brushes for over 75 years.  Redecker offers an extensive selection of both traditional and highly modern brushes and wooden articles for all areas of life including brushes for the kitchen (pot scrubbers, vegetable brushes and dish brushes, with replacement heads) to personal care (hair brushes, tacks and exfoliating brushes for the bath / shower).  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

redecker suite of pics